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Hints and Tips

Here are 10 hints and tips that may help you improve your property and save money in the long run.

1. Planning

Many homes are short for space. Planning is crucial when undertaking any type of building works. It is essential to know what you want to attain when you start a project so that both you and Rightcare Property Maintenance have a clear picture of what you require.

2. Colours

A warm internal décor is a very effective way to create a home-like feel. Rightcare recommend choosing a light colour scheme, as darker or unusual colours often suit restricted personal taste.

3. Maintenance of utility systems

Regular checks to all your water, gas and electric systems are essential to avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

4. Flat roofs

If you have a flat roof anywhere on your property, check it both in winter and summer. A minor repair may save a costly future replacement.

5. Exterior bricks, rendering and decorated surfaces

Your property keeps you warm and dry because of its good exterior condition. If you see any sort of minor crack or wood rot, immediately undertake a repair to avoid damp settling or further corrosion.

6. Central heating in Winter

It is better to leave your heating on constantly rather than turning it off and having to reheat your property from cold.

7. Health & Safety

Always choose a contractor who adheres to current health & safety rules, make sure they have accreditation. Rightcare Property Maintenance strive on meeting health and safety regulations.

8. Add value to your property

1. Adding an extra bathroom
2. New central heating
3. Updated modern kitchen
4. Add an extra WC downstairs

9. Condensation & Ventilation

Lots of properties suffer from bad ventilation –windows are often in need of replacing and in bathrooms and kitchens this causes damp, mould and foul smells. Always fit your kitchen and bathroom with extractor fans and use them on timers to reduce electricity bills.

10. Materials

When undertaking any maintenance repair or refurbishment work, use top quality British standard materials. The labour price is the same.